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Adult paper dolls, movie stars, models and much more.
Saalfield published Modern Miss in 1942. Some of the pages have yellowed with age but I tried to clean them up as best I could.
This paper doll was a fun round robin created for the paper doll party held in Summerville, South Carolina hosted by Jean Sullivan. The paper doll was sent out in our invitation. Participants include Dorethy Hughes, Ruth Morrison, Peggy Huson, Mary Longo, Tracy Williams, and me.
Here are some fun black and white paper dolls for you to color. The artist is one of my favorite, Pat Frey. The first is General Hospitals Laura and Luke. Second is Hedy Lamar, and the last is Daisy Mae.
Blondie in the Movies was published by Whitman in 1941. I think this is the least seen Blondie set. Does anyone know who the actress and actor was? This set free to the first person spending over $50.00 on the sales list. The set is cut but in great condition.
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