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Summer 2015


Welcome to the 30th issue of Origamibears!

30 issues in 12 years... a lot of fun.  

It has also been a lot of work.  Still, meeting so many wonderful paper doll collectors around the world has made all the work worth it!


I continue to add paper dolls for sale on the “For Sale” page.  I have lowered many of the prices and have given up selling on EBay altogether.  I try to keep the list current - but sometimes the sales are just too quick for me.  I am going to start asking for a  $10.00 minimum on sales to make the trouble to pack and mail the purchase worthwhile.

Sorry - I can be flexible if the need arises.

 With business out of the way, let’s play paper dolls!

Love from Lone








 If you have problems printing the dolls, read this.

Thought you might like to see where all the paper dolls on Origamibears live.


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